iRepattern is a software development and information service provider, dedicated to the enrichment of life through the development of custom software solutions to be used for corporate and personal use. Please read on!

Internet Based Training has been a primary function of this business since the late 1980's and continues to be one of the most important missions here.  Custom software running in a web environment makes the interactive training available to businesses and individuals all around the globe.  There is virtually no limit to the audience you can reach (see VR Studios).

One of the most important research projects undertaken here is the OracleCards website.  OracleCards is a reference site involving the 52 playing cards.  Based on the original reference material presented in 1893, OracleCards extends the work to show a number of additional layers of information that rests upon the original framework.  Due to the complex nature of the reference, a set of training tools have been provided that allow access to the reference material such that new interconnections and relationships can be seen.  The ease of movement through the reference allows the mind to be free of the technical details while allowing the abstract mind to look for synchronicities that may have gone unnoticed.  Membership in OracleCards provides access to advanced training tools making the learning experience both enlightening and enjoyable.

Another mission of iRepattern is to promote holistic health.  Our belief is that as individuals we are given a body that houses a spirit.  At birth (or soon thereafter) we forget the original reason that we came into life.  Our body and spirit appear to be disconnected.  The main function in life then becomes the search for our true identity, our soul purpose.  The body is the vehicle for our soul-search, a proving ground for our discoveries.  Holistic health is a concept that integrates the mind-body-spirit experience into a cohesive whole.  Patterns of all sorts can be identified and addressed, thereby freeing the mental, physical and emotional senses from unwanted obstructions.  The search for proper nutrition is a pattern that can be used in place of the pattern of poor eating habits.  To aid in that effort the NutrientFinder information service was developed.  Using the USDA databank on nutrient values of foods, NutrientFinder provides lookup tools to peek into the data in order to discover food choices that best meet the daily nutrient requirements.  Membership will soon be avauilable that will provide advanced tools including features for recipe building and menu planning.

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