iRepattern evolved as a result of my software consulting projects requiring software architecture redesign. 

Sortware architecture is like the blueprint which programmers use in order to implement the application design.  The process revolves around the software architect; the specialist who will analyze the application requirements and sketch out a design that will satisfy the requirements. In many cases, the requirements will need to be applied to an application that is currently operational.  In other words, it will be a redesign, or what I like to call a re-patterning.

The reason that I like the idea of using the term 'repatterning' of software desings, is that in many ways it reflects a similar process that can happen to us in an individual, personal way. For an individaul, when it comes to the idea of redefining oneself, the process boils down to something very similar to that which happens during software redesign. 

For example, regarding software redesign:

  • New requirements instigate the need for a new design.
  • The architect analyzes the current software model and sketches out a flow-chart that will modify the old design in a way as to incorporate the new requirements.
  • The software programers will rewrite the software objects which make up the current model based on the updated flow-chart.

When it comes to the individual, there is a similar process:

  • Some event in the person's life happens which causes them to realize the need for a change.
  • * The person makes an assessment of their current mode of operation. This involves an assessment of their mental and emotional needs and how they currently go about filling those needs. Generally speaking this is the hardest part of the process (see below). At this point, along with knowing how they operate, the person needs to redefine their needs in order to satisfy the goal that they set in response to the new circumstances in their life.
  • The person then does the work necessary to actuate the new goal.

* The process of discovering a person's mode of operation will need to be done in an objective way. And due to the fact that we often act in a habitual (rather than ponderous) way it is sometimes best to have some outside influence take a part in this discovery.

The discussion here has been simplistic for the purpose of showing the sequence of work that needs to be done, rather than to get into the technical details of the work. As might be expected, there could be some quite complex processes that need to be worked on in order to actualize the new design

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